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Fine Nubian Goats, Honey Bees and Wood Working since 1987
Nubians and Bees

KB Farms Nubians and Honey Bees

We raise purebread Nubians and maintain an apiary outside of Brandenburg, Kentucky. Our goats are CAE and abscess free. Read more about our Nubian goats.


Our bees came along the same year as our goats.  For many years we varied between two and four hives.  In the past couple of years, we have expanded our Apiary up to 10-15 hives. Read more about our honey bees.


KB Farms Wood Working

KB Farms wood working currently provides bee hive bodies with 3D carving and can create customized signs for your farm, family or business. Using the latest in CNC machining technology - both hardware and software - we've created real gems for the bee keeper, and can create a wide range of products for use in your farm, home and business. Read more about our wood working.

KB Farms Web Services

KB Farms Web Services

KB Farms web services provides a full range of web site support - from turn key operations to on-going support and operation. Focused on providing services to farms and businesses who want more than an out of the box site or don't have the time or knowledge to do it themselves, yet don't want to spending a large amount of money to obtain the typical next level of service. Read more about our web services.